• I added the Carmelo Anthony, Diane Heavin, and Devin Harris & Emeka Okafor ads.
  • It's been a long time, but I finally am back up to date. Sorry for the delays! I added the Michael Phelps, Lindsay Lohan, Tracy McGrady (Rockets version), Verónica & Christian Castro, Kelly Primc, Peyton, Archie & Eli Manning, and Stockard Channing ads.
  • Finally updated a bit - added Kelly Preston, Dave Mirra, Lebron James, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen ads!
  • Changed up the site to be frameless to help with the upcoming trading section. Please email me and let me know if you see any problems with any of the pages!
  • Finally got categories added for all of the ads - check them out on the Ads page. They are also sortable and searchable!
  • Added Dr. Phil ad.
  • Lots of new locations added - much thanks to Arielle for submitting so many!
  • Added Arturo Suarez ad.
  • Added more new ads (including Fefe Dobson.)
  • Added a couple of new ads.
  • Added locations for more than 150 ads!
  • Added the ability to submit a picture of a milk ad when using "Add an Ad."
  • Added USA Today's Ty Law and Jake Delhomme ad. Watch for more updates very soon!
  • Added "Add an Ad" to the Ads section, where you can add milk ads that are missing from the site.
  • "Home" contains an introduction and description of the sections.
  • "Ads" has information and images of 197 unique milk ads in a sortable and searchable table.
  • "Links" has a listing of other milk ad sites.
  • "News" (this page) contains updates made to this site (and maybe updates about the milk ad community too).
  • "About" has information about me (and a Cowie picture)!

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